About Pera



An inspiring journey through beautiful, serene villages of the Turkish countryside truly moved me to share my passion for artisan Turkish Towels with you! On my trip the selfless and humble people left a lasting impression. The incredibly refreshing warmth and care experienced while meeting with families of weavers during my road trip mirror the craft of the pieces exactly. It was amazing to see the talent within those skilled, loving hands – the authenticity is unmatched!

It was easy to fall in love with such soft and rich towels. They are made with Aegean cotton/linen blend and an intricate hand weaving process solidify the design. Their premium quality showcases itself in absorbency, durability, and versatility. Graced with Mediterranean motifs and colors, you feel transported to a calm, airy place.

With roots in Turkey myself, the style is innate and speaks to the culture of the land. Lovingly, I gift you with the Pera Company- offers a collection that encapsulates the simplicity, light, and uniqueness of the Turkish experience.

A deep appreciation goes to my beloved friend Madeleine Hugo who has started me on this journey..


Canan- Owner